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How to book instructions

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How do You Book?

Firstly : Search Ballooning tickets at the searching form.

Step 1: Choose Ballooning ticket you like

Step 2: Fill Flight Passenger List for the requested form field and check your booking and price amount detail then confirm booking.

Step 3: You will wait within hours for processing of our sale department to your booking.

Step 4: You check in "My Booking List" after you've signed in. Then, you do payment and finish to complete when your booking status is awaiting payment.

Confirmation Letter : Confirmation Letter is automatically generated as a guarantee of your booking via our website when your booking status was completed. However, it is not a ticket. Tickets are sent to email as well as your hotel that you stayed on ballooning destination.

E-ticket : E-ticket will be got two week prior to the ballooning date you flight. Please contact to sale department (+959 972962028, 778991777, 778992777) and request ticket with the confirmation E-letter unless it is.


You may cancel free before completed list


International Charges Apply


Always apply save money. Money Back after cancel

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