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WHAT WE ARE is owned and managed by Peace House Travel. We are not a ballooning operator but we are special sales agent for all hot air ballooning in Myanmar, Burma.


PHT is a highly professional, experienced travel agency, tour operator and MICE partner with over 20 years of experience. We have managed all-inclusive travel for numerous European and Asian families, catered to the air ticketing, cruises, accommodation and travel needs of independents, hot air ballooning special offers and facilitated large-scale professional events for corporations and embassies; always accompanied by a smile and swift responses to queries or changes of plans.

Our team consists of the couple in charge of all operations, and a young, dynamic staff who are happy and capable of attending to all your travel needs. Not only have our staff themselves been to or taken part in most, if not all, of the destinations and activities listed on our website, we also count on a large network of local agencies and individuals all across the country who have the best resources and most up-to-date information to support our work.


Our professionalism is best recognized in our returning customers; both private and corporate. PHT has existed long enough and has done a well enough job for the children of previous customers to turn to us for travel advice! Among our most trusted professional clients are the European Union in Myanmar, the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The United Nations Institute for Training (UNITAR)in Myanmar and Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Law Office in Thailand. We are also proud members of the Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM).


It was a love of travel, socializing with foreigners combined with the recognition of gaps in the nascent service industry in Myanmar that led founder Henry Htun to start Peace House Travel in 1995. The first clients were European families living in Singapore, recommended by a friend. With the extremely limited communications means available at this time, PHT contacted travel agents in other Asian countries. After one such Japanese agency received a fax from PHT in 1997, Henry started organizing WWII Japanese war veteran group tours. Positive word-of-mouth advertisement made it that Germans, Swiss and Austrian individuals and families began to make their war to Myanmar through PHT and the business expanded having up to fifteen staff in 2000. With tourism in Myanmar slowly picking up in this time, more European families arrived and enjoyed PHT’s services, and PHT received an increasing amount of clients referred by friendly travel agencies. In 2003 PHT officially became a family business when Henry’s wife May Thant Sin joined the efforts. In 2005 Henry set up an affiliated travel agency in Bangkok (Peace House International). The next few years PHT gained fame in official circles, when Singaporean Members of Parliament organized their official visit through PHT, and when in 2009 PHT started facilitating the first Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events (MICE) for clients in Myanmar such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Between 2008 and 2010 the SARS outbreak, the Naga Cyclone and political instability in the country made it that tourism took a downfall and PHT downsized its operations. With the installment of a civilian government in 2011 and the lifting of certain travel restrictions (both within Myanmar and outside) the world slowly got used to Myanmar as a potential travel destination. It was in 2013 when travelers outside of Myanmar noticeably started to flow back in and PHT’s clients included more independent travelers from both Europe, North America and Asia. In this same year PHT was tasked with taking on all aspects of the 2-day‘European Union-Myanmar Task Force’convention; the first time such an event took place in Myanmar. Continuing their work in leisure and event management for individuals, families and professionals, in 2014 PHT moved locations to central Yangon, where it still is today. From here we are continuously working on improving our services and communication, as well as on expanding our clientele.


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